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Any Background Remove with clipping path

Nick Joint
Nick joint is more looking good about more realistic .

Multi Path

Best image Extraction any object in Multipath

Shadow Masking

To e-commerce optimization
need to add natural shadow

Shadow Masking
E-Commerce Shoe store
for perfect Looking

Customer are Attract Though Good Locking
Photo Which Increase Your Sales

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jewelry Editing Reflect
for perfect Looking

Customer are Attract Though Good Locking
Photo Which Increase Your Sales

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Professional Photo Retouching Services


We believe in good response attitude grow more relationship with our Client. Achieving greater accuracy in shipping the correct goods in correct quantities. If any query/Question our customer support 24/7 always help you.


We have highly experienced graphics designer. 3 shift roster basis team Accelerate team’s performance by assigning tasks, communicating and tracking progress in one place. We make it easy for you to done your jobs.


We want you to be satisfied with your order. We ensure you of our quality and service if you are not satisfied at the first time then we will re-do your project without extra charge.We provide best quality  guarantee than others.


Order delivery turnaround time within 6hr.We ensure client time delivery it more lowest time if possible. You are tension-free working because we understand your urgency We're not only the best, we're the fastest.


       We take our task with high priority and ensure that whole task is done with dedication regardless of the size of the project or its costs.
The following are a brief overview of all our services:


Our clipping service is provided using the Photoshop Pen Tool with manually. Clipping path is a seen victor or shape, the editing tools or an Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other design tools like the image as the software are used to cut out.  Clipping path or clipping path to apply for the best output of the path will include some of the inside and outside will be excluded from a portion of the path output. An image editor, which depends on the capacity....    Read More..


It is often the case that good photos are ruined by obstacles or due to Photo Masking Services works are an essential part of photo editing service. It is the basic isolation for transforming a photo. It is change to take out the background of photos which have fuzzy limits area or hair segments. Image masking technique is used together with clipping path techniques to remove the background of a complex images. Image masking use smoothly to detach an image or photo when it is unclear what part of the image is or what is part of the background. Images with accurate background or by using bright colors can as well be easily separated, maintaining the quality and standards of the object....Read More


We provide all sorts of clipping, multi clipping, background,Multiple Clipping Path or color path making it use of different clipping technique, Use of multiple way paths for showing clipping of photo. It is also achieved using the Adobe Photoshop’s Pen tool, however this will done to be more laborious associated to normal clipping path.The subjective can be placed in photo, the clothing can be modified, objects close surrounding or model can be changed/added/removed, and some parts of the image are then later modified in Photoshop. All this can be whole with the portion of the cost of actually planning a photography period.... Read More..


When image Color need try to new look any images, it more appeal to viewers when need to be different model does not must to wear a shirt of every color through the photo session; this would make it long, expensive and challenging. A model can dress a T-shirt of Blue Color which could then be recolored using color correction service for other colors such as Green, Red, Purple, etc. This choice is much more moneymaking compared to hiring a model and dressing them in every available color of clothing. Thus, it saves cost and time without compromising in the display of multiple products for the benefit of customer In Manualclipping, we offer one of the most qualified graphical design team to guarantee the best color correction service for fixing or altering colors in a digital photo or image....Read More..


Remove image backgrounds manually to Make backgrounds transparent, white, etc. Edit, crop, rotate, fix colors, add shadows, all you need for great photos! Background removal is also necessary to change or replace a Photo background or to cut out an image from its background. Images may need redecoration or rearranging according to the requirements.We provide remove background service from an image utilizing most recent strategies where one can’t even get a thought that from where this photo is clicked.... Read More..


For businesses requiring the display of products, it is crucial that,Create shaded images to get results that can estimate the image that are realistic with them. Let's assume you have a picture in a dark place and intensity anywhere.Creating a shadow image is more effective than normal, is after a mismatch, or you can do it on the camera.Auto Shutter can obtain sharp images from all images by making shadows that qualify for the consumption of such unclear beard shadows that facilitate the absorption of specific image or shadow shadows. You are satisfied with the balance of brightness and color of the egg shape that can make an image  ....Read More


All kind of branding we provide catalog design Boushier design visualization is an exceptionally huge business the situation.Personalized and part of the core of the marketing strategy.chances are it will not get its due credit and ultimately will not be traded as expected.Catalog designs are usually needed when a business works to promote a newly developed product or service, or acquire more attention from its targeted consumer group. While marketing strategies are developed within the organization, it needs the services of graphic design companies for professional designs.The most widely accepted definition of advertisement in the  ....Read More..


High end Jewelry editing service give to perfect look any bracelet, rings, necklaces Jewelry retouching that creates your jewelry image look glossy and polished impact over the viewer’s attention and pretense. In circumstance of any digital online store or ecommerce site the Image Editing Service of Jewelry should be amazing. Clipping is especially Jewelry Retouching is the way to picture-perfect produces photo and gives it enhanced attractiveness. Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness All kinds of precious metals or ornaments to beautify you in a colorful or interesting way- are jewelry to us. Our jewelry photo editing specialists are dedicated on editing all kinds of jewelry. Yet our proficiency stimulates to do basic retouching, we are capable to edit compound products to the most ........Read More


The most common and appealing technique at now Nick Joint Manualclipping are specialize adding neck joint services for mannequin removal, ghost mannequin, neck joint services. Our neck join services have been used chain store, fashion house, online retailers, stock photography companies and e-commerce shop owners and online product resellers and affiliate marketers to sale ware the mannequin we are here for removing that mannequin from that image and will give a special look. This will increase your sale .... Read More..


Image retouching services require stunning work in detailing photo.Photo retouching services can more attractive a photo when it will clean, polished, color enhanced, skin tone, slim face, spot removal, nose enhance, adjust lips, red eye reduction, most advanced type of retouching technique includes contouring, removing imperfection, smoothing textures, dodging and burning  to get best screen look.  Most Photo editing equipment cannot remove any object obstruct in background of your photo, all the online photo editor do your photo artificial & imperfect. Our professional designer & retouched make realistic result....Read More


We Convert image  raster to victor Conversion for high resulation .As we see web image raster files which are fixed by a sequence of pixels, vector files store graphic data as a series of mathematical orders on x- and y-axes points. So, vector images can be repeated at whatever size you wish without any drop in quality.Their most significant characteristic is their resolution to put it another way, their level of detail – measured in dots per inch (dpi). The higher the resolution, the better number of pixels and so the better the quality.The quality of the image will significantly deteriorate as you increase the size – resulting in an unprofessional.....Read More..


Now E-commerce image optimization  to increase customer intention Good optimization  business an image placed in e-commerce sites for sale. The visitor only sees this image and is left to the moral reliability of the concern to make a purchase. it is one of the most vital to showcase products on e-commerce sites.Due to the worldwide entree of Internet, a global market has generated. Companies are challenging with their products known as e-commerce sometimes web-based commerce. It has brought an existence of easy and convenient relation among consumer to consumer, business to business deal. For this purpose website based businesses are getting a lot of attention which is not as sufficient as it requires.......Read More

Why You Select Us?

 100% satisfaction guaranteed
 Quick turnaround time
 One stop shop for image editing 
 Bulk service provision
 Highly secured system
 Easy upload and download
 24/7 web chat and email support
 Lowest rate per image
 Faster provision of quotes
 24/7/365 operation

Who Is Our Client?

Photo studios
 Private photographers
 Directory firms
 Advertising firms
 Graphic design firms
 Graphic artists
 Web development firms
 Printing presses
 Magazine publications
 Online shopping websites

Our Price Structure?

Up to two  free trial.
 quality control before delivery.
Quick and outstanding services.
Three steps checked quality.
30days  after Payment only.
Amazingly low cost guarantee.
Fast turnaround time.
Your offshore graphic solution.
 Online shopping websites
 Your Online solution

Our Features


Web Upload Account

We providing every single customer have web upload and FTP access, use FTP they are able to direct upload any big file.Also, We use Dropbox, we-transfer, mega, google drive for file transfers.

Turnround Time

We provide images as your turaround time, Are you looking to have your edited images within a short time? and we will do our best to meet your time restrictions. If you have more quick scervice contact us.

Secure File Transfer

We use our own FTP where you are safe additional our secure system are hard for file transfers. It is a very quick, secure and hassle-free system. No need to worry about your files, they are safe with us.

Quality Ensured 

We followed a 3 step qc  quality assurance process based on our client's instruction before delivering the project. Our team provides the finest quality and glamorous images for our client.

Save Your Money

We understand the value of your time and money. We have made our work plan &prices accordingly. It is our goal to less expensive offering these services and at the same time  one of the best at providing quality work.

Manually Clipping

We are working tecnick is clipping, we provide all works have manualy which our main moto, Manualy  proses every single image thats why we make sure workjave 100% qulity.

Bulk Order Processing

Our expert designer team is capable of handling a bulk order of images with more than 3000 images in a reasonable amount of time. You can still get all your images within the required turnaround time.

With Happy

Our Working systems are hassle free and. You can easily make the Payment via PayPal, Payoneer or any other credit card. We care about your time and money.Thats make you Be happy!

A Complete Solution for

Professional Photo Editing & Retouching Services


Manualclipping is well known photo editing & image back ground remove services at international work place. We are an offshore company with a highly skilled design team offering the best Photoshop services such as clipping, masking, retouching, restoration, conversion, and manipulation of images.Our affordable services, in professional photo editing, are attained through the use of the latest technological tools, systems and devices.
Get in touch with us now for a quick estimate of our services. Relieve yourself of worries with our complete image solution services available for you 24/7.


    We offer competitive price for professional image manipulation and retouching & photo editing services which is very much affordable. We don’t say we provide the cheapest, but we provide the most reliable photo retouching 
image editing services at affordable cost. Because we care for you!
 BASIC PATH    $ .30 OBJECT REMOVAL    $ .60 NICK JOINT   $ 1.99

What Manualclipping Customer Says Its Truly Amazing

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Miles Jordan, London, UK

I had the misfortune of graduating on a day with heavy cloud cover. As a result, the photos I took were horrendous – I tried many (believe me, many) photo editing services  The quality of their retouching far exceeded that of any other service, and I am so thankful that I finally have graduation photos that I can cherish!

Sandy Partain, USA Photographer  

I just Send all the images and I have to say I am so Happy I am so critical of myself in pictures and can literally count the pictures.I have shied away from the camera as long as I can remember and absolutely detest taking pictures;Not sure how I have not known about you guys sooner but I am definitely a fan and will be a loyal customer for the rest of my life.

“Outsourcing editing to Manualclipping has allowed me to focus on growing my photography business. Now I’m booking national corporate clients who tell me they like the professional, polished look of my headshots.”

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About Manualclipping 

Manualclipping is well known photo editing & image back ground remove services at international work place. We are an offshore company with a highly skilled design team offering the best Photoshop services such as clipping, masking, retouching, restoration, conversion, and manipulation of images.Our affordable services, in professional photo editing, are attained through the use of the latest technological tools, systems and devices.Our prices are unbeatable and do not compromise on quality. We are happy to see your smile with our quality services. We offer a free trial and provide free quotes.

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