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Photo Masking Services works are an essential part of photo editing service. It is the basic isolation for transforming a photo. It is change to take out the background of photos which have fuzzy limits area or hair segments. Image masking technique is used together with clipping path techniques to remove the background of a complex images. Image masking use smoothly to detach an image or photo when it is unclear what part of the image is or what is part of the background. Our highly trained designer’s proficient masking techniques to deliver typical results to our high-value clients. Images with accurate background or by using bright colors can as well be easily separated, maintaining the quality and standards of the object.
Area of masking service:    Removing Fly Away Hair detail, fur detail, garments fine threads, Group Photographs, Landscape Photographs with, Translucent objects like: glass, smoke, lightning, highlights, etc. Natural items (trees, landscapes, flowers, etc.), Update or use a customized backgrounds, Create transparency without affecting the translucency, Cutout or isolate desired image without the embedded background (in glass), Allow Dropping Shadows of Desired Image to work smoothly with fine edges, Save complex silhouette selection with the image for later use

 Some common type of masking are:

mage Transparency Masking
Translucent Image Masking
Alpha Channel Masking
Advanced or Complex Layer (Hair & Fur) Masking
Some technique used in masking:  erase masking, refine masking, channel masking, path masking, layer masking

 When we use Image Mask?

Masking technic allow users to select objects and areas in an image for editing and manipulation, composition for removal and placement into other images or photo. Users to accurately identify origins of an image that seem difficult to select, such as irregularly focused outlines, hair, clothing strands and chain link fences. Layer masks are a quick way to create a subtle blend between two images, such as a blend between a model and a plain white background. Particularly, image masking is more useful when clipping path alone is not apposite for hair, wool or semi-transparent or translucent images like glasses, smokes, feathers, flames, highlights, lighting, chiffon and delaine/fur etc. We easily can remove, extort or isolate an unnecessary object from an images by applying image masking technique. Technique and task is not so simple job to mask an image.

What is Layer mask?

A layer mask is pixel based by creating a layer mask either by drawing white on a black background or by construction a high contrast image based on the luminance or color the layer as image. After effects color information for an image is contained in three channels: red (R), green (G), blue (B). In addition, an image can include an imperceptible additional channel re-called as an alpha channel layer that comprises transparency segments. Sometimes such an image is referred to as an RGBA image, initiative that it holds an alpha channel. Vector mask is a resolution and independent mask that is creating using a pen or a shape tool to veil portions of a definite layer exposing another portion of the similar layer. This mask is always very effective if one wants to put a design element with clean and define edges.

What is Alpha Channels?

An Alpha channel stores selected areas of an image as 8-bit grayscale images in the Photoshop channels palette (channels are the way Photoshop stores color information). Thus, creating an alpha channel is a way of selecting an area of an image based on color. Alpha channels are most commonly used to store and change selection outlines. They let the user change part of a composition without having to redo all their work. Alpha channels are used extensively in creating graphics for video.
Our expert designers evaluate your image and then through the use of various techniques in Photoshop, they work based on what you require. Unlike clipping paths, which are vector and hand drawn, Photoshop masking isolates pixels which enable more detail to be retained. Masking technic is broadly used to isolate areas effectively to perform color correction any photo or image. We put in more effort to carry out the task and give exceptional outcome as we superiority ourselves with incomparable expertise. Several years of experience have made us perfect the art of Photo Masking and you can, therefore, trust our services. The fact that we are always willing to take on complicated chores and have potential expertise makes our clients take our services without a doubt. 
We offer 24 hour delivery options for our Photoshop masking service
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