An image placed in e-commerce sites for sale. The visitor only sees this image and is left to the moral reliability of the concern to make a purchase. Straight an outstanding produce may not look the part in an image. Image retouching takes out the best of the image in view of the product. A customer is able to see their product only upon delivery, and so it is one of the most vital to showcase products on e-commerce sites.

Due to the worldwide entree of Internet, a global market has generated. Companies are challenging with their products known as e-commerce sometimes web-based commerce. It has brought an existence of easy and convenient relation among consumer to consumer, business to business deal. For this purpose website based businesses are getting a lot of attention which is not as sufficient as it requires.

Clipping path service is also essential in online based e-store. Service products are enhanced and a quality look is represented. It is like a cut-off specific slice of images to place it for extra quality. Sharp edges of products are clipped by clipping path. Unwanted parts, stains are removed by the manipulation of products. Background removing service is the most noticeable requisite for the better product editing. The image in an unmatched background circumstance. For detaching exact things from images, a complemented background makes shopper eye-catching looks to the products.

Nowadays many sellers likes to sell via Amazon or eBay. Retailing via Amazon/eBay or like other websites is becoming more reliable to the both seller and buyer. But here is a difficult to upload a picture to this site because as they follow a special photo size or requirement. Both Amazon and eBay have own their photo uploading policy. There is a particular photo size to upload photo to this site. The most popular products on Amazon are stitched to the exact size mentioned by the Amazon policy. So it is required Amazon/eBay photo editing to upload to these sites. To get viewed by millions of customers monitored by upload pictures for sale on Amazon/eBay is a fast growing industry in digital town. Seller has attained the label of best Seller

E-commerce site has desires to showing products for sale virtual. A uniform look and feel to the products, showing the product rather than background, product alignment, image margins and special requirements per produce category describe e-commerce.


Determining the optimal size, quality and visual stock is always a compromise among usability, SEO and technical requirements on one side and visual communication and aesthetics on the other. On e-commerce websites, it is important to get a uniform look and feel. If multiple products are presented side by side in an overview it is visually confusing if the products don’t have the same alignment, resolution, and background.


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